Nashville TN Wireless Network Installation and Repair

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Nashville TN Wireless Network Installation and Repair

Your office is your life hub and likely a busy one at that. Taking turns using a single internet connection or a single printer can put a strain on any busy schedule. With a wireless office network, you will soon discover the freedom and flexibility of sharing broadband access, printers, mp3’s and documents across the network.

With today’s new standards wireless networks are faster and easier to use than ever before. There will no longer be a need to wait in line to share a single network connection. Every computer in your office can share one high-speed broadband internet connection.

New Millennium Network Services has the expertise in wireless technologies and securities to install and secure your office wireless network.

Benefits of networking

* Multiple computers use one high-speed internet connection
* Easily share photos, music, spreadsheets and other files with multiple computers
* Save money – entire network utilizes the same printer

Why go wireless

* Freedom to work anywhere and move around easily
* Quick, simple installation and expansion
* No cables to buy or install

What you need

* Broadband Internet access
* Cable/DSL modem – connects to high-speed (broadband) internet service
* Router – lets multiple computers access both a local network and the internet; can also provide firewall protection and let you control user access
* Network adapter – on needed for each notebook or desktop computer in your network (unless networking capability is already built in)
* Desktop adapter – plugs into the PCI slot
* Notebook adapter – plugs into the PC card (PCMCIA) slot
* USB adapter – Simple to install for both desktop and notebook computers

Optional wireless networking accessories

* Cable gateway – a router and modem in one
* Ranger extender – router and modem in one and the simplest way to increase wireless coverage
* Antenna – boost coverage in hard-to-reach areas
* Print server – directly connects the network and printer, which is faster than a parallel connection. with a print server, multiple computers can share a printer and send print requests from anywhere
* Switch – increase the number of ethernet ports available for your network devices
* Access point – transports data between network and pc or notebook
* Internet camera – for remote security monitoring or broadcasting live events over the internet


One type of wireless network is a WLAN or Wireless Local Area Network. Similar to other wireless devices, it uses radio instead of wires to transmit data back and forth between computers on the same network.

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi is a commonly used wireless network in computer systems which enable connection to the internet or other machines that have Wi-Fi functionalities. Wi-Fi networks broadcast radio waves that can be picked up by Wi-Fi receivers that are attached to different computers.

Fixed Wireless Data: Fixed wireless data is a type of wireless data network that can be used to connect two or more buildings together in order to extend or share the network bandwidth without physically wiring the buildings together.


Wi-Fi (pronounced wye-fye), also unofficially known as Wireless Fidelity, is a wireless technology brand owned by the Wi-Fi Alliance intended to improve the interoperability of wireless local area network products based on the IEEE 802.11 standards. Common applications for Wi-Fi include Internet and VoIP phone access, gaming, and network connectivity for consumer electronics such as televisions, DVD players, and digital cameras.

Advantages of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi allows LAN’s to be deployed without cabling for client devices, typically reducing the costs of network deployment and expansion. Spaces where cables cannot be run, such as outdoor areas and historical buildings, can host wireless LAN’s.

As of 2007 wireless network adapters are built into most modern laptops. The price of chipset’s for Wi-Fi continues to drop, making it an economical networking option included in ever more devices. Wi-Fi has become widespread in corporate infrastructures, which also helps with the deployment of RFID technology that can piggyback on Wi-Fi.


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